With millions of skincare products to choose from, thousands of influencers and skin specialists to take advice from, how do we cherry-pick which products and advice are best for our skin? Skincare has evolved into an intensely confusing and overwhelming territory. There are products that don’t do enough for our skin or do too much (resulting in irritation). There are products that are designed for men or for women. Brands claim to be sustainable and transparent but are far from it. Brands promise exaggerated results but can’t deliver.   We understand how it feels to be confused, let down and deceived. Skincare should be simple, transformative and transparent. And skincare does not have to be another industry that exists at the expense of the planet’s health. The skincare industry has the potential to not only remarkably transform your skin and your self-confidence but also positively impact something of a greater cause. We all have the opportunity to help improve the sustainability of the world every time we do our skincare routine – which is one of the foundational ethical pillars Eliksir has be founded upon.   Eliksir is a London-based emerging skincare brand championing a fluid, non-conforming definition of advanced functional beauty. It all began with a daring vision – to harness the dynamic science of nature, creating bespoke and harmonic formulations that genuinely transforms the skin and the planet. Challenging the constructs and narratives of the skincare industry, we believe everyone’s skin needs are different and products should not be based on gender or trends, but for all humans based on things that impact your skin whether it be age, environment, lifestyle, or genetics.   After years of research and learning to personally understand peoples different skin types, we aim to close the gap between science and nature by combining highly effective clinical ingredients with botanical ingredients, yielding dynamic and hyper-specialised formulations that treat and nourish stressed and unhappy skin.   Our goal and mission is to relentlessly innovate our products to ensure that you are always delivered with the best and most cutting-edge formulations. We guarantee a simple skincare regimen with each product possessing efficacious formulations that will empower you with happier, healthier and more radiant skin. The products are guaranteed to be vegan, cruelty-free and free from parabens, synthetic colours, glycols, silicones, and PEGs. We promise to make our product life cycle as sustainable as possible   As a mindful brand, we have a responsibility that goes beyond the scope of skincare. We have embarked on a journey to maximise the sustainability of our brand because skincare goes so much deeper than just products. There are many ways we can incorporate sustainable practices, from mindfully sourcing ingredients to opting for zero-carbon emission couriers. As technology improves, we will be prepared to integrate further sustainable-friendly technologies. We hope that our actions will inspire other brands to make similar sustainable choices. It is important to us that by purchasing an Eliksir product, you’re not only making a tremendous difference to your skin, you’re making a difference to the planet.   Our Won’ts:
  • We won’t wrong-do you with dishonesty and exaggerated claims.
  • We won’t make you feel that you are alone on your skincare journey.
  • We won’t confuse and overwhelm you, but rather clarify, simplify and be transparent with you.
  Our Wants:
  • We want to guide people on their skincare journey to unlock their confidence and inspire self-love and self-empowerment.
  • We want to drive a healthy perspective on skincare, oneself and the planet.
  • We want to inspire people to not only maximise the health of their skin, but also the health of the environment.
  Together we will ascend on your skincare journey and help you every step of the way toward having healthier and happier skin!